You own a junk vehicle you plan to sell to a salvage yard in Austin, and you know Austin auto salvage yards often pay hundreds of dollars for an end-of-life automobile. So, you’ve been planning what to do with the money, but then come to a hitch: The junkyard doesn’t want to buy your old car. What do you do now? Below are four additional alternatives for getting money out of the car.

Contact Different Junkyard

Just because one junkyard doesn’t want your vehicle doesn’t mean a different one won’t. When a junkyard doesn’t buy a car, it’s often just because it already has more than one model in stock or doesn’t have room in the salvage lot. If you offer your car to other Weston auto salvage yards, there’s a good chance you’ll get a hit, and get an inexpensive offer.

Sell to a Car Recycler

You can also earn cash from selling your car to a recycler. Because recyclers don’t resell vehicles and are just interested in recycling, there’s almost no reason for them to turn a car down. Some recyclers want you to remove certain non-recyclables from the car before the sale, while others handle the complete recycling process. If you offer the car to a recycler, ask what you are required to do to prepare the vehicle for sale.

Sell to a Private Individual


The majority of people aren’t interested in buying the average junk cars near me. However, if your car is considered a classic or is a highly limited model, offering it to car buffs through an online car auction site could generate inexpensive bidding. You may end up being offered more cash for the car than you would have received from Weston auto salvage yards.

Sell the Parts Online

You also have the alternative of selling your car’s parts online, either as a collection or one by one. This alternative is best for drivers who have outstanding automotive knowledge and can determine the dependability of a part based on appearance, age, and use.